Service and Upgrades

Suspension Performance is a full-service shop. In addition to our expertise in suspension tuning, we’re available to handle your car’s general maintenance and service.

Unlike many shops that use a “guess and replace” strategy, we have the experience to diagnose complex problems, getting your vehicle back on the road faster and at lower cost.

 Services offered at our Scotts Valley location include:

  • General maintenance and repair of your Lotus or mid-engine sports car
  • One-stop shop for crash repair, including clamshell replacement
  • Complete suspension upgrades and service – expert guidance on the most cost-effective way to improve handling and speed through the corners with available aftermarket upgrades
  • Suspension and steering setup:
    • Safety and mechanical inspection
    • Adjust shock rebound and damping
    • Adjust caster, camber and toe
    • Weight distribution using four-point scale and management of center of gravity through spring and shock adjustment
    • Performance four-wheel alignment
  • Chassis-related diganostics
  • Sales & installation of performance brakes and tires

Top 20 Upgrades for your Lotus






Driveability Improvements:
Alignment and corner balancing Improved handling ? ? ?
Aftermarket shifter linkage Smooth & accurate shifts ? ? ?
Single or double-adjustable shocks Improved handling ? ? ?
Quick-ratio steering rack More precise steering control ? ? ?
Upgraded suspension bushings Improved handling (wear item) ? ? ?
Baffled oil pan Sustain oil pressure in long corners ?
Fuel cell Avoid fuel starvation in long corners ?
Performance Improvements:
Brake pads & stainless steel brake lines Shorter stopping distances ? ? ?
Track wheels & slick or R-compound tires Improved traction ? ?
Racing pedal set Ease of heel-toe shifting ? ?
Lighter exhaust system Improve power/weight ratio ? ?
Lighter battery Improve power/weight ratio ? ? ?
Limited slip differential Improved traction when one tire slips ?
Racing dashboard & data acquisition system Data to improve driving skill ?
Safety Improvements:
HID headlight kit Better night visibility ? ? ?
Battery bracket Prevents clamshell damage from loose battery ? ?
Toe hooks Ease of towing if necessary ?
Five-point harness & racing seats Comfort & safety during spirited driving ? ?
Fire extinguisher Safety at track ?
Reliability Improvements:
Battery cutoff switch Longer battery life when driven infrequently  ? ? ?


If you are interested in full race prep including a roll cage, and no longer intend to drive your Lotus on the road, please contact our partner company, SP Motorsports.

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Additional Services

Brands Serviced

Brands Serviced

We specialize in Lotus, Alfa Romeo 4C and other mid-engine sports and exotic cars

Performance Products

Performance Products

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Crash repair

Crash repair

One-stop shop for crash repair and body work - we'll do all the mechanical work and deal with the body shop for you